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Code less. Build more. Build faster.

Low Code High Benefits

Ship faster
With low code, you can quickly develop and ship apps. Drag & drop features and readymade templates replace hand-coding to ensure faster app delivery.

Reuse components 
You can reuse pre-configured modules in new applications for similar functionalities. It helps you save effort and frees up focus from engineering solutions to solving business problems.

Our Services

Interactive Mockups

We quickly develop interactive, high-fidelity mockups that align with the users’ understanding. 

With preliminary feedback from the user, our dev team can prioritize its tasks & focus on obtaining an early buy-in from the stakeholders.

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Our Process

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POC Development

Releasing a marketable Proof of Concept (PoC) is the best way to validate a product’s functionality with your target customer base. 

Pick your core features & set the PoC to the test. 
The feedback will be the basis for valuable product enhancements. 

With reduced development costs, the PoC provides an excellent way for you to test waters & maximize your ROI before going all in.

Competitor Analysis

A careful user requirement analysis leads us to review similar products in the market. 

Such competitor sampling helps visualize the user’s ideas & makes the ideation process more realistic & productive. 

We waste no time reinventing the wheel & instead resort to rapid execution in developing the prototype.

Usability Testing

Test the software prototype closest to your final product by launching it among your target users. 

Usability testing allows us to foresee any potential risks & failures as the feedback loop strengthens at this stage. 

This is a big revenue driver since it cuts the path to the user-desired final product & the exact implementation & improvements required.

MVP Development

A low code approach to building a minimum viable product will not only help you validate your idea quickly but also gather invaluable feedback from real users. 

Through MVP, we ensure that the foundation of your product is based on facts rather than plain assumptions. 

Our team ensures that the learnings from MVP are translated well into the final product.

Product Design & Development

Whether you want to introduce a new product, explore a new market, add new features, or scale your existing product, we work with you as partners through each stage of product development. 

Combining agile model, lean startup approach, top UX standards, and our 12+ years of expertise, we ensure accelerated development of scalable web & mobile applications.

With the low code no code approach in software development, you can build applications with little to no coding. 

Instead of hand-coding languages, low code development platforms use visual interfaces with easy-to-use drag-and-drop features.

With their expertise in the leading low code no-code platforms, our team can make the process of software development a walk in the park.

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Low Code No Code

Your Roadblock

Do you want to accelerate app development?
But cannot because your IT team is overburdened & has a never-ending backlog?

Do you have a product idea?
But cannot validate it because you cannot code?

Are infrastructure delays leading to inaccurate estimation and missed deadlines?

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Ship Faster

Integrate Seamlessly
Low code provides easy cross-platform integrations. Integrate across multiple platforms with simple button clicks. It fits into every IT landscape and allows you to connect your data and processes without doing redundant manual work.

Learn quickly 
No-code platforms are intuitively designed with drag & drop features. With little to no hand-coding required, these platforms boast a shorter learning curve, perfect for employees with no technical background.

Learn Quickly

Increase productivity 
The robust agility of low-code platforms translates to faster deployable solutions. With low code development, business users can develop apps and reduce manual internal processes.

Increase Productivity
Integrate Seamlessly

Lower costs 
Get rid of prolonged iterative development cycles. With low code development, you can save time and money over traditional development.

Lower Costs

Optimize DevOps 
With low code, DevOps is simplified greatly as low code platforms provide automated tools for testing, security, deployment, and data management. Your DevOps team does not have to worry about version control or build validation.

Encourage collaboration 
Break down tech silos and become more responsive to changing business demands. Low code makes collaboration possible among IT, business analysts, and end-users.

Optimize DevOps
Encourage Collaboration

Requirement Analysis
By clearly understanding your requirements, we identify key objectives & make informed assumptions about the final product. Our team defines priorities & sets requirement parameters that facilitate the user interface design for the next stage.

Requirement Analysis

Tools Exploration
We research various low code platforms during this stage and choose the one that best matches the project requirements. The goal here is to use readily available platform features to save time and resources.

Tools Exploration

System Design
This is the ideation and conceptualization phase. Here, we start working on interactive mockups and wireframes and build a stable system design for the initial prototype.

System Design

Based on the plan of action, our expert engineers get to work to quickly dole out a prototype and implement the feedback received on the system design to increase the product's usability before it moves onto the testing phase.


Actual performance & quality improvements happen at this stage through several rounds of iterative testing that involves bug fixes, code improvements, feature testing, & much more. Once we prepare a stable version, we present it to the client for approval.


After refining the code, the prototype is ready to be deployed once again in the user environment for functionality feedback and user response. This feedback is vital for making final improvements to the code and using it for the final product.

Idea to MVP
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Map out your idea, figure out what to build, and collaborate to bring MVP to life or a solid 1.0.

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