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Why choose Maruti Techlabs?


The world of luxury retail has more or less moved online with e-commerce and m-commerce. While this has guaranteed convenience and round-the-clock access, a part of the consumer journey has suffered heavily in the world of online luxury retail shopping - personalized experience. 

There is a sheer lack of personal assistance and retail hospitality in the online shopping space of luxury clothing. To solve this problem, Unique Vogue decided to build a platform that would combine the best of both worlds - the convenience of the online world coupled with the stellar experience of offline luxury shopping. 

For this, the founders needed a solution to build and validate their idea quickly. The solution should help them in gathering feedback from the users and make quick iterations accordingly. But, with an incredibly short timeline, it was difficult for the founders of Unique Vogue to find developers and technical architects to build the solution from scratch. 

Our client, Unique Vogue, is an award-winning luxury FashionTech startup based out of Paris, France. Empowered with the mission of improving the luxury fashion shopping experience, Unique Vogue works to redefine the personalized shopping experience and provide exclusive service. 

Disclaimer - The name Unique Vogue is a placeholder as there is an NDA signed between both parties.

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From Idea to MVP in 6 Weeks 
Creating an Omni Channel Platform to Redefine Online Luxury Shopping 


Reduce your time to market & accelerate innovation with low code & no code

Technology Stack

Our Development Process

We follow Agile, Lean, & DevOps best practices to create a superior prototype that brings your users’ ideas to fruition through collaboration & rapid execution. Our top priority is quick reaction time & accessibility. 

We really want to be your extended team, so apart from the regular meetings, you can be sure that each of our team members is one phone call, email, or message away.

Maruti techlabs Development Process


✔️The partnership between Unique Vogue and Maruti Techlabs was incredibly successful. Unique Vogue had a fully functional MVP platform within just six weeks. The MVP validated the founders' idea and gave luxury shoppers a much-needed platform that combines retail hospitality, personal assistance, and convenience. 

✔️By using a no-code approach to build the MVP, our clients could save 60% of the cost over traditional development. An MVP which would have taken up to 12-14 weeks to develop, was shipped in just 6 weeks. This also saved a lot of engineering efforts and time while the client was able to focus on metrics that mattered. 

✔️With only 40% of the engineering budget used, Unique Vogue could route the additional 60% towards launch and user acquisition campaigns. 

✔️With such a powerful start for the folks at Unique Vogue, we look forward to seeing the business soar and create new standards in the world of online luxury shopping. 

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After working as employees in some of the world's leading luxury brands in Paris, the founders of Unique Vogue were bootstrapping their startup. They wanted to build a solution that would quickly validate their idea. The founders started looking for a product development partner that would fit their needs and would be able to build an MVP to validate their business idea and test their hypothesis. 

The first place the founders looked for recommendations was their network. One of the founders' acquaintances had worked with Maruti Techlabs before and recommended our services to them. After a couple of meetings and discussions, Maruti Techlabs was chosen as their go-to technical partner.

Some of the reasons why the founders of Unique Vogue chose Maruti Techlabs: 

○ MarutiTech's experience and expertise in building no-code MVPs 
○ Excellent understanding of UI/UX components 
Deep knowledge and understanding of various no-code tools 
Our expertise in conversational marketing and live chat tools 
Our lean startup approach and the agile scrum framework 

Our product development leads and technical architects tested their business idea by running a series of workshops focused on building an MVP. The goal was to quickly develop a beta version of the platform with low code and no code technology. This helped the client in the following ways: 

○ Verify business hypothesis 
○ Validate the product's functionality in a short amount of time 
○ Reach a product-market fit quickly 
○ Gather user feedback and map out the product roadmap accordingly 


Using low code and no code technology, we were able to identify multiple tools that could be white-labelled and leveraged for different use cases. With minor customization and watertight integrations across these tools, we could decrease the time to market for our client. 

This lean startup method helped validate the idea quickly, enabling our client to launch in less than six weeks and work towards achieving PMF quickly. Once the MVP was validated, our engineers added new features to the platform and focussed on scaling the experience for the customers. 


Maruti Techlabs built an eCommerce platform with the help of low code technology. To start with, the MVP of the platform presented hundreds of products from high-end fashion retailers.

Unique Vogue onboarded a network of expert stylists to help their customers with personalized suggestions and recommendations. To bring the personalized experience of stores into the app, we highlighted the USP by integrating the stylist-as-a-service facility in the app.

WotNot (, being an omnichannel no-code chatbot and live chat platform, was chosen for the project as it ticked all the boxes. The combination of a bot and live chat was slated to be launched on Messenger and WhatsApp.

With WotNot's pre-built e-commerce templates, it became effortless to customize the conversation flow according to the client's needs and integrate it within the eCommerce platform. The chatbot was trained using various datasets, fashion catalogues, and the client's database.

As soon as the user signed up on the platform, the chatbot would take their preferences and recommend the best clothing options for the customers. Going a step further into personalization, we integrated the live chat solution provided by WotNot to enable the stylist-as-a-service facility. Using this, the customers can instantly connect with expert stylists from all over the world and get them to browse and shop on the customer's behalf as per their preferences.

We customized the live chat solution that enabled the customers to choose the expert stylist they'd want to interact with, based on their experience and portfolio. Not only did this help the customers get a store-like personalized experience, but it also helped the customers work directly with high-profile stylists from across the globe.

As we scaled the platform on the vendor side, we added new features such as a multi-vendor dashboard where luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Hermès, and more could sign up and add their collections to the platform's database.

How We Work? 

Requirement Analysis
By getting a clear understanding of client requirements, we identify key objectives and make informed assumptions about the final product. Our team defines priorities and sets requirement parameters that facilitate the user interface design for the next stage.

UI Design

Tools Exploration
We research various low code platforms during this stage and choose the one that best matches the project requirements. The goal here is to use readily available platform features to save time and resources.


Based on the plan of action, our expert engineers get to work to quickly dole out a prototype and implement the feedback received on the system design to increase the product's usability before it moves on to the testing phase.


UI & System Design
Here, ideation and conceptualization help define all the inputs and tools required for the development. Interactive mockups and wireframes help achieve this and build a stable system design for the initial prototype.


Real performance and quality improvements happen at this stage through several iterative testing rounds that involve bug fixes, code improvements, feature testing, and much more. Once a stable version is prepared, it is presented to the client for approval.


After much refining of the code, the prototype is ready to be deployed once again in the user environment for functionality feedback and user response. This feedback is vital to make final improvements to the code and use it for the final product.


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