Stronger together.

We’re constantly growing, and you can too. Find a role that’s a good fit for you. Let's make something impactful together.
There are jobs - and then, there are careers.
Maruti Techlabs is only as good as the people that stand behind it. We encourage and fully support our employees to trace their individual career paths through personal skill-building and extensive training. Every employee has the chance to make a lasting contribution in what we’re out to achieve and do the kind of work that adds to something meaningful.

What We Do

From migrating legacy systems to the cloud, automating routine tasks through RPA, building cutting edge AI models to creating contextual chatbots - we do it all.
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How We Work

When we take on a project, we approach it with an open mind & work on it like it’s our own. We follow a watertight 6 step process to deliver on time, every time.
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A workplace that cares.
We take pride in inculcating a secure and diverse culture that inspires openness and inclusivity at every level of the company. The fire of innovation sparks out of a healthy blend of perspectives and backgrounds. Our employees are encouraged to think independently, question curiously, and share candidly.
Values we live by.
We carry our ambitions on our shoulders and seek continuous improvement in our ever-changing job responsibilities. We’re here to introspect and learn from what’s better, bringing our best selves to the table every single day. Our lead-by-example approach inspires accountability towards fellow colleagues, customers, partners, and stakeholders.

We take ownership.

We own the company together and are fully invested in its betterment with a sense of love and responsibility.

We’re fearless innovators.

We take on new challenges with calculated risks and aim for unconventional and creative solutions.

We’re aggressively authentic.

We want you for who you are. Being individualistic and true to ourselves allows us to be honest, transparent and humble.

We’re democratic and people-centric.

Our open culture promotes mutual respect, autonomous collaboration, and equality across the board.

We value work, not titles.

With minimal hierarchy, our leaders serve as mentors and our teams are cross-functional and deeply connected.

We’ve set high standards for customer satisfaction.

If something is not right for our clients, it is not right for us. Our actions and decisions are consonant with the customers' needs.
The force that makes it all possible.
The people at Maruti Techlabs imbibe its vision and focus on the day-to-day to strengthen the long-term. Even as the team grows, we remain a close-knit bunch striving to set new benchmarks and attain new heights of excellence.
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Work Benefits
We offer a wide array of employee benefits & development programs that reward and equip our team to grow as well as acquire new skills to deliver success.
Mentorship & Learning
Level up your career with illuminating sessions
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