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We’re proud to accept industry accolades for our commitment to unparalleled results, client service and continuous growth.

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Web App Development Services

Best-in-class, high-performance, and secure web apps for your business.

Rely on 13+ years of expertise to create high-quality custom web apps. Through our web app development services, we design solutions that help you accomplish your business goals and boost efficiency.

Iconic and Secure Web Apps. Delivered

We serve the needs of digital-first businesses by combining our industry expertise and engineering knowledge. As a leading web app development services company, we focus on using modern application development frameworks to create high-performance applications. We follow lean and agile frameworks and DevOps best practices to build a superior product. Collaboration and rapid execution form two key aspects of our web app development services.

Over the years, Maruti Techlabs has empowered 50+ clients with custom web applications. Our passionate team of web application development technologists helps you at every stage of the development process. We work with websites and portals, eCommerce platforms, search engines, content management systems, ERP systems, and social networking sites, among many others. Year-on-year, the products we design and deliver drive value for our clients' businesses. If your business champions a culture of technology, we are the right fit to be your technology partner.

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Maruti Techlabs is an agile-powered digital product development company and your guide on the digital transformation journey. We are a team of passionate, purpose-led individuals that obsess over creating innovative solutions to address our clients’ challenges and deliver unparalleled value.


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We take data protection seriously. Way too seriously!

Your Data Is Safe With Us! We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously & follow the best industry practices to keep your data safe and secure. We understand that it may take more than these few words to convince you, so here are a few things you can expect from us -

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Inviolable Policies for Devices & Role-based access permission

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Stringent Security Measures

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We offer the full spectrum of services to assist enterprises in working better & achieving their goals. 
Take a look at our other service offerings below.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Good firms

Datasets that are too broad in scope can contribute to a lack of trustworthiness in their insights. 

Lack of proficiency in pushing insights to conception is a major roadblock for enterprises today. 

Shortage of skilled talent - Dearth of skilled workforce to address challenges.

Your Roadblock

A business-focused approach to data engineering aligns analytics and technology to get the most out of your data strategy. 

Seamless integration of ML and DL into your existing data pipelines can operationalize insights in real time. 

Teams with proven experience & diverse analytics skill sets can efficiently solve complex challenges.

Our Solution

Web App Development Services 

SaaS Application Development

SaaS App Development

We build scalable SaaS products to advance your growth. Our PMOs use established KPIs to guarantee the highest output from engineers. Elevated user experience is at the center of all our development efforts. A combination of agile development, lean startup method, and 13+ years of experience ensure that we provide superior and differentiated web app development services.

SaaS Consulting

Progressive Web App Development

As a top-notch progressive web app development services company, we have deployed robust, high-performance solutions across industry verticals. These apps are cross-platform, compatible, and immersive. The progressive web apps designed by us ensure smooth performance while rendering a native-like experience for users. We optimize and maximize user engagement.

Custom Web Application Development

We have a reputation for building high-performance, resilient, and reliable digital products for fast-scaling companies. Speed up your digital transformation without worrying about the nitty-gritty of implementation. Our custom web app development services solve business challenges of various industries like healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, etc.

Multi-Tenant Architecture
UI/UX Design

eCommerce Web App Development

We excel in bridging the gap between your business idea and your customers. From selecting the right tech stack, designing an engaging user experience, and deploying a smooth-running application, we take care of your end-to-end eCommerce web app development services needs. With timely delivery, we ensure high ROI for your business from technological investments.

Web App Redesign and Modernization

Future-proof your business with our custom web app modernization services. Keep up with competitors while catering to evolving consumer trends. We provide a host of web app modernization services, including adding new features, rearchitecting, revamping the existing legacy technology stack, conducting cloud readiness assessment, and end-to-end migration lifecycle.

Testing & QA
API Development

UI/UX Design

Our design approach is strategic, creative, and technical at the same time to address even the most complex design challenges. Following user-centric design's best practices and principles, we deliver ever-evolving web design experiences to our clients. We follow a well-defined UX approach to make your custom web app more engaging and interactive.

Support and Maintenance

Custom web app development services are incomplete without post-launch product support and maintenance services. We provide bug fixes, security patches and updates, implementation of new features, infrastructure monitoring, optimization, and more. You can rely on our skilled engineers to provide rapid problem resolution through multi-tiered support solutions.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Migration and Re-engineering

Frontend and Backend Development

Whether backend or frontend development, ensure enhanced service quality in all aspects of your web app development services needs. Our software architects ensure the web app uses cutting-edge data structures and has robust security. We provide a well-planned frontend framework for your web app using React, Angular, Vue, etc., ensuring responsiveness and performance.

Slow load times, poor user experience, and outdated UX design have plagued your web app.

You do not have cross-platform browsing available.

You need help figuring out where to start building your idea.

You are struggling with post-launch maintenance of your web app.

Your Roadblock

Valuable user experience is at the center of all we do. Well-versed in the latest technologies, we help you upgrade your existing applications.

We build apps that are compatible across devices.

Our web app development experts help you chart a clear project roadmap.

Before, during, and after the development phase, we are your go-to partner for all your web app development services.

Our Solution

Teams We Offer

The ideation to MVP team launches your idea into the market. It helps you validate your idea and gather feedback before going all-in with full-scale development. Our team leverages low-code / no-code technologies to build quickly, iterate, and ship a minimum viable version of your product.

The ideation to MVP team helps you verify your business hypothesis, validate the product’s functionality, reach product-market fit, and map out the product roadmap accordingly.

Ideation to MVP  Team

After achieving a product-market fit, the scale and maturity team focuses on serving the target market. The product development team performs product testing, analyzes the results, draws conclusions, and applies them to scaling the product. They guarantee incremental and iterative delivery and improvement.

The north star for this team is assisting you in developing an internal culture of data-driven product decisions and designing products for stability and scalability.

Scale & Maturity  Team

This team closely monitors the application's customer service, experience, data integrity, & smooth running. Two weeks after the development of the product is concluded, the support & hypercare team takes over, & the core product team disintegrates.

During these two weeks, knowledge transfer sessions are held between the product team and the support team. They ensure intensive support and maintenance of the product. The maintenance activities are carried out based on an SLA-based approach.

Support & Hypercare Team

Our Development Process

We follow Agile, Lean, & DevOps best practices to create a superior prototype that brings your users’ ideas to fruition through collaboration & rapid execution. Our top priority is quick reaction time & accessibility. 

We really want to be your extended team, so apart from the regular meetings, you can be sure that each of our team members is one phone call, email, or message away.

Development Process
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We're a proven partner with an NPS of 4.8/5. 
Benefit from the flexibility of outsourcing AND the transparency of an internal team - it's a win-win.

How Do We Engage With You?

Enjoy complete control of the development progress, pace, & cost of the project. We recommend the time & material engagement model for dynamic business requirements. In this model, the project cost is measured in execution time and resources deployed.

○ Flexibility
○ Easy Control
○ Transparency 

Time & Material Model

Offshore Dedicated 
Team (ODT) Model

We put the dedication in the Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT). ODT or dedicated development team model involves our team of skilled developers working dedicatedly on your project. You benefit from the wide range of skills, expertise, and resource base.

○ Great for Large Projects
○ Efficiency
○ Adaptability

Add skills & bandwidth to your team by hiring additional developers on-demand. Our developers seamlessly integrate into your existing team. With on-demand team extension, you can fulfill your skill-specific requirements & scale the team at your pace.

○ Faster time-to-market
○ Focus
○ Scalability 

Team Extension Model

Case Study

Custom Media Management
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1. What is web application development?


2. What type of web applications have you developed?


3. How long does it take to build a web application?


4. What is the cost of developing a web app?


5. Which technology do you use to develop web apps?


7. How about if all I have is a web app idea?


6. Do you offer maintenance and support once a web application is created?


8. What security standards do you use in web development?

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Client Segment

Build from scratch, improve what you have, or do something else entirely - we’ve got you covered.

○ Build Something New
Map out your idea, figure out what to build, and collaborate to bring MVP to life or a solid 1.0.

○ Improve What You Have
Build a new version of your existing app or add new features, with us integrating with your team.

○ Discover What You Need
Not sure where to start? We also offer code and architecture reviews, strategic planning, team training, and more.

Startups / SME

We deploy premier skills to help you build, innovate and accelerate your business.

 Seamless Integration
We integrate with your in-house teams by delivering our experience & technical know-how to your projects.

○ Leadership & Management
Project Managers and Architects with full experience in managing remote teams, and complex projects.

○ Transparency & Agile
We maintain full transparency, and work hand in hand to achieve the optimum results together. We leverage tools like Trello, Skype, JIRA & Slack for better project visibility.


tech stack/2

Our Technology Stack

Our People = Our Strength

We are as good as our team. And that's why we believe in hiring, training, and retaining the best talent. From following a robust hiring process to ensuring the best project deployment tools, our practices and frameworks reflect our aim to provide the best services and be the best software development team in the market.

We take pride in the broad spectrum of world-class products built by our team. Our team of over a hundred software developers is well-versed in different combinations of JavaScript, React Native, Python, Java, Scala, PHP, and other languages. Our team's areas of expertise also include many underlying platforms, APIs, IEDs, databases, and frameworks.

MTL strength

API Development and Integration

Increase the functionalities of your application through our API development and integration services. From calendars to payments to CRMs, our custom web application development services connect third-party services through APIs. Through API integration, we help you enhance customization, boost automation, save costs, and accelerate innovation and functionalities.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Migration and Re-engineering

Web Development Consulting

When it comes to web application development, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The projects vary based on your business needs and goals. Our team of business analysts works with you to assess your objectives. As one of the best web application development companies, we develop a technology strategy outlining the roadmap for the successful development of your web app.

How We Work? 

Project Discovery & Requirement Analysis
The first step in our project process is the discovery phase, where our business analysts will get to know the ins and outs of your project. It helps us decide on which technology to use and define the milestones. It sets the tone for the rest of the project and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Requirement Analysis

Wireframing and Designing
Advocating for intuitive and user-friendly features comes naturally to us. We develop high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes that align with the overall vision. Once the finalized wireframes pass rigorous UX testing and stakeholders' approval, we turn them into high-quality UI visuals through frontend coding.


App Development
In this stage of web app development services, we code the app in the defined tech stack. When developing a product, developers work on building different features and improving the product according to release cycles. Depending on your business plan, you may or may not choose to test the market with an MVP containing the core features.


App Testing
In this stage of web apps development services, we conduct automated and manual testing to ensure your web app is bug-free. Several rounds of testing involving code improvements, bug fixes, feature testing, etc., are carried out for performance improvement and quality assurance.


Maintenance and Support
We provide monitoring and support after the product has been launched. It includes working on new features and improving existing ones based on customer feedback and how the product is used. Our goal is to better the user experience and keep our products up-to-date.


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