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Enterprise Application Modernization

Whether you want to redevelop, redesign, refactor, or replace your existing legacy software, our experts can guide you through end-to-end transformation towards user-friendly, modern, & streamlined applications.

Your Roadblock

Outdated architectures and difficult-to-navigate technologies being the identities of your organization.

Integration of new tools and technologies being a herculean task in itself, while inflexible and complex applications surge your operational costs.

Managing your legacy applications has become a constant source of stress and frustration. You’re looking to optimize costs, reduce risks and increase business agility.

Our Solution

Our goal is to help you cross the bridge when it comes to IT process modernization, infrastructure modernization, or moving to the cloud.

We understand that these decisions aren’t easy. Big business decisions come with even bigger expectations.

With our expertise and water-tight processes, we help you implement leading technologies and platforms and execute enterprise-wide application modernization programs, at scale.

competitive edge
Increase Agility

Gain a Competitive Edge 

Increase Agility

Keeping up with the latest enterprise technology translates to more innovation and better business. Modernizing your apps makes your products and services more accessible and scalable, thereby enabling you to stay ahead of the competition. 

Monolithic applications limit flexibility & result in exponential inefficiencies. Switching to cloud-native applications increases development & architectural flexibility, which paves the way for increased business agility, scalability, & reliability. 

Boost Efficiency

Boost Efficiency

Enhance Compliance

Enhance Compliance

Comply seamlessly with industry regulations using modern technologies. Modern applications simplify project status tracking, data capture from mobile devices, and encryption-based security. It results in fewer audits, reduced risks, and easy compliance. 

Maximize ROI

Maximize ROI

We understand that it might be difficult to switch from legacy applications to modern ones due to the years of investment tied to them. Modernizing these applications helps you maintain the associated business value while speeding up the apps.

Eliminate Technical

Eliminate Technical Debt

Your current legacy applications seem to be working well because your team remains busy maintaining outdated and complex code. Instead, your team can work on advancing your business goals by using modern web-based applications. 

For your business to succeed, monolithic and bulky applications need to be replaced by modularized, flexible, scalable, and efficient applications. Modernized systems streamline the way your business works and eliminate workflow bottlenecks.

How Will It Benefit You? 

App Modernization Services We Provide

One feature rollout shouldn't equal downtime for your app. As your application evolves and gets bigger, independently scaling different software components will become more challenging with a monolithic architecture or a single node.

Our experts have successfully migrated fully-functional apps to microservices architecture and containerized them further. Containerization, i.e., packing your app components into different packages isolated from each other, translates to simplified scaling and movement across different environments. 

You, too, can have easier traffic routing, selective scaling, faster deployment, and zero downtime for your application with our containerization services.

Application Containerization

We understand that while legacy applications are cumbersome, they still hold years of investment, and it might be too bold to completely do away with them for a business. That's where Maruti Techlabs' legacy app modernization services come in.

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to application modernization. We factor in your company's goals, budgets, and priorities, along with your existing legacy application code and infrastructure. 

Keeping all your requirements in mind, we approach application modernization in a way you feel comfortable while ensuring you get maximum value from previous investments.

Legacy Applications Modernization

Remove the constraints limiting your application development and deployment lifecycle. By migrating to the cloud, you can lower IT infrastructure costs and enhance data accessibility, improve customer experience, and innovate faster.

It's imperative to modernize your infrastructure iteratively. With the perfect combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills, our team can guide you through cloud adoption. 

From working with mainframe and storage layout to bringing the stakeholders on the same page, our team ensures that your modernization journey is seamless and rewarding

Infrastructure Modernization

Modern tools won't cut it for you if your processes are still as old as time. Your application delivery process needs to be updated to truly reap the benefits of modernization. 

Agile development, DevOps processes, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are standard benchmarks for process modernization.

We work to eliminate the existing bottlenecks in your staging, production, & testing environments. Through automation & integration, we create new workflows & ensure that your application environments are consistent & production-ready. It enables you to accelerate your release cycles & push superior quality code.

Process Modernization

It’s time to ensure that your software matches your business goals.

Our Process 

Project Conceptualization
We begin by assessing the pain points of your business architecture. We understand your business objectives and examine your existing end-to-end workflows and their limitations. It helps us gauge the problem and chart a plan that aligns with your goals.


Resource Optimization
Based on the analysis, we propose a phase-wise implementation plan. We also prepare a Project Specification document that documents the resource allotment & determines the execution environment. It provides better visibility of the execution process.

Resource Optimization

At this stage, the team begins the work towards the set milestones. The technological, operational, and cultural challenges in modernization projects are unique to every organization. By starting small, we ensure that we deliver measurable results and perfectly understand the nuances of the project.


We test the solution at this stage. Some of the testing parameters are bug fixes, cloud compatibility, browser performance, load balancing, etc., that enhance the solution’s performance. We deploy the solution in the production environment after critical stakeholders have approved the model.


Enhancement & Maintenance
 Cloud applications can be scaled up and down depending on your business needs. With cloud elasticity, we provide   enhancements and continual maintenance so that you can yield maximum value out of your investment.


Client Segment

Build from scratch, improve what you have, or do something else entirely - we’ve got you covered.

○ Build Something New
Map out your idea, figure out what to build, and collaborate to bring MVP to life or a solid 1.0.

○ Improve What You Have
Build a new version of your existing app or add new features, with us integrating with your team.

○ Discover What You Need
Not sure where to start? We also offer code & architecture reviews, strategic planning, team training, and more.

Startups / SME

We deploy premier skills to help you build, innovate and accelerate your business.

 Seamless Integration
We integrate with your in-house teams by delivering our experience & technical know-how to your projects.

○ Leadership & Management
Project Managers and Architects with full experience in managing remote teams, and complex projects.

○ Transparency & Agile
We maintain full transparency, and work hand in hand to achieve the optimum results together. 


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Your legacy infrastructure & technical debt might be holding you back. 
Maruti Techlabs can help you innovate & compete better by modernizing your enterprise applications.

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