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SageData is a leading Business Intelligence (BI) platform that helps companies track, visualize, and manage their data. Based out of Berlin, they help their clients understand their businesses and drive growth by uncovering insights hidden in their data.

As our client’s data analytics and business intelligence platform expanded in terms of popularity and user base, underlying unoptimized code and legacy features brought the platform’s inefficiencies and poor performance to the surface.

That apart, they were very clear on their keys to success- customer satisfaction, and rolling out new and improved features, including maximizing data security and compliance. Lastly, SageData wanted to act quickly and respond in real-time to the needs of their customers. 

The client realized that the platform’s inefficiencies were causing users to drop out sooner, negatively affecting customer journey and business performance. Structural improvements, expediting platform speed, redesigning the pages, and creating streamlined workflows were some of the heavy-duty tasks that the founders of SageData outlined to improve their platform.

To help them achieve their goals, they decided to hire additional development capabilities - in the form of freelancers. And as in many cases, it did not turn out as well as expected.

In their own words - 

Overall Sucess

The collaboration between Maruti Techlabs and SageData helped bring to life what the client had envisioned for the product. Structural improvements, redesigning legacy features, and compatibility enhancements not only greatly improved the user experience of the product but also set a strong foundation for the new features and the future product roadmap.

Our developers complemented the client’s existing team exceptionally well. SageData had total control over the extended team’s workflow and task allocation. Speedy onboarding and direct communication propelled agility, level of engagement, and ease of collaboration.

Maruti Techlabs continues to work with SageData as their software product development team. The partnership has been going strong for a year now, and we hope SageData continues to grow and scale greater heights.

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Communication & Collaboration

The client followed a Kanban task-based approach, wherein Dimitar Petrunov, CTO of SageData would share an overview of the features to be developed. Based on the discussion, our team prepared user stories outlining the tasks involved in developing the features. These stories formed the basis of the project’s tasks in the product roadmap.

The overall efficiency and a high degree of communication was maintained on the basis of water-tight processes. Our team had a strong influence on the planning and scheduling of the short term scope vs roadmap, which allowed the development timelines to be realistic and attainable from the very beginning.

Our team directly coordinated with the CTO and the team through Slack and calls. A dedicated Slack channel was used for frequent updates and instant query resolution. We used Jira software to track user stories and manage the project deliverables. Our emphasis on transparency and communication helped make the collaboration a huge success.


SageData needed an agile, self-organizing product development team to work on new features for the platform. 

However, given their experience with freelancers, coupled with a limited talent pool in Germany and Bulgaria, expanding the team was proving to be a major bottleneck. They also recognized that it would take a lot of time to hire, onboard and train a new development team from scratch; especially a high-performing team with all the required skills.

Time happened to be the one luxury that SageData didn’t have. Therefore, SageData initiated their search for a reliable product development partner, with a dedicated development team to start delivering on the product roadmap more quickly.

Our Sales team reached out to SageData at the perfect time, with our email describing exactly what they wanted - a partnership on the basis of an augmented team model.

In such an engagement model, our team becomes a full-time extension of their team. One of the key aspects of defining teams at Maruti Techlabs is around 3 core principles - 

○  developers that have worked together in the past
○  developers that have the skills required to complete the job and more
○  team with a mixture of seniority

After initial meetings and calls, they decided to opt for our “try before your buy” model. As a part of the pilot task, we worked on a couple of integrations for their platform over the course of two weeks.

Impressed with our project management skills and level of transparency, they sealed the deal with Maruti Techlabs as their extended team of developers.

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How We Work? 

Requirement Analysis
By clearly understanding client requirements, we identify key objectives and make informed assumptions about the final product. Our team defines priorities and sets requirement parameters that facilitate the user interface design for the next stage.

Requirement Analysis

UI & System Design
Here, ideation and conceptualization help define all the inputs and tools required for the development. Interactive mockups and wireframes help achieve this and build a stable system design for the initial prototype.

UI Design

Based on the plan of action, our expert engineers get to work to quickly dole out a prototype and implement the feedback received on the system design to increase the product's usability before it moves onto the testing phase.


Real performance and quality improvements happen at this stage through several iterative testing rounds that involve bug fixes, code improvements, feature testing, and much more. Once a stable version is prepared, it is presented to the client for approval.


After refining the code, the prototype is ready to be deployed once again in the user environment for functionality feedback and user response. This feedback is vital for making final improvements to the code and using it for the final product.


A perfect software prototype demands a perfect execution methodology. We follow Agile, Lean, and DevOps best practices to create a superior prototype that brings your users' ideas to fruition through collaboration and rapid execution.

Our Development Process

We follow Agile, Lean, & DevOps best practices to create a superior prototype that brings your users’ ideas to fruition through collaboration & rapid execution. Our top priority is quick reaction time & accessibility. 

We really want to be your extended team, so apart from the regular meetings, you can be sure that each of our team members is one phone call, email, or message away.

Maruti techlabs Development Process

"I got so frustrated with all the platforms like Freelancer that we looked at, because they all over-promised and under-delivered. It was months of frustration.”

- Kirill Andriychuk
, Founder of SageData

"As we started working with them, we got a very good impression of how they address project management and expectation management — we then started scaling up our work in other areas like web development.”

- Kirill Andriychuk, Founder of SageData  

SageData started the collaboration by onboarding one engineer and then scaled the team to five people. Initially, the tasks involved working with WordPress and React technologies. Gradually, as requirements changed, the work shifted towards PHP, CSS, database handling, Python, AWS, etc.

Our rich talent pool of developers with a broad range of expertise has been able to help SageData fulfill business goals at each stage of the journey. 

Some of the key features we built and shipped were:

"They’re incredibly good at owning a complete piece of work rather than just providing labor. They don’t focus on selling hours, but they’re very good at delivering results. They also take their time to find out what you’re looking for as a result and are incredibly good at expectation management.”

- Kirill Andriychuk, Founder of SageData

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