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Robotic Process Automation saves $105K annually in HR processes for a Global Conglomerate


Maruti Techlabs’s client is a large-scale global conglomerate operating for 123 years in sectors as diverse as real estate, consumer products, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security, and agricultural products. With an overall revenue of more than USD 4.1 billion, the client has 1.1 billion consumers across 90+ countries.


Owing to its extensive global footprint, the client has employees working in numerous offices across the world.
Given the sheer size of their business operations, the HR function is tasked with intensive hiring and onboarding throughout the year. This involves processes pertaining to talent acquisition, talent administration, talent development, employee life cycle, employee experience, compensation and benefits support, and HR reporting. Every process has a series of effort-intensive activities that are crucial for employee satisfaction and business operations.

The department needed to meet the mission-critical needs of the business, with no compromise on quality or compliance requirements.

Determining Automation Scope

Maruti Techlabs’ consultants were roped in to understand and assess the client’s HR process related to onboarding. They studied each of their processes in detail, to identify the feasibility of leveraging RPA in order to reduce the time, effort, and resources involved in dealing with repetitive processes.

Following the study, Maruti Techlabs mapped use cases for the deployment of automation around -

Copying and Synchronization of Data between disparate systems
Validation and Verification of Extracted Data
Reading Email Data or Attachments
Sending Bulk Emails
Data Standardization
○ Data Logging

The initial analysis and scope study revealed that several such processes could be successfully automated based on their volumes, average handling time, and error risk. Parts of these processes were undertaken by HR, some by security, some by IT, and some by facilities. All these departments worked independently in silos. Tasks pertaining to each department were completed in isolation. This made it a complicated process, which was made worse by cross-department communications via unstructured emails, thus needing a great deal of data re-entry at each stage.
The client decided to initiate a pilot run with RPA deployed on a highly time-consuming and tedious process for their team - new employee onboarding documentation. The employee onboarding process plays a crucial role in getting your new employees ready to contribute in a meaningful way. While the client’s HR tech stack was getting the job done, it involved high-volume manual work and a high error rate due to manually copied and pasted data.

It took 4 hours/day, during peak hiring and onboarding season, for an employee to go through the process of filling out the details, exporting documents in a set format, renaming the documents, and uploading them in the right folders —not including the time necessary to review and correct errors later on. It took an employee about 2.5 mins/document in the entire process. 

Let automation take care of your repetitive back-office tasks. Boost productivity & accuracy with RPA. 

Process & Solution

Talent Scorecard of Employee appears after entering Name/Employee Number from CSV from the Super Admin Tab

The following process related to Employee Onboarding Documentation was automated with an unattended bot by UiPath. An automated process was built to connect different activities and deliver a fully automated end-to-end workflow process. The solution takes information upfront from a CSV to a simple, secure web portal interface and initiates each action sequentially or in parallel where possible - 

1. Bot enters credentials onto HR Analytics and logs in to the Hub

2. Bot clicks on Super Admin Tab

3. Bot clicks on HR Analytics App within the Super Admin

4. Bot clicks on Super Admin Tab

5. Bot enters Name/Employee Number from CSV

6. Bot clicks on Confirm Selection

7. Talent Scorecard of Employee Appears

8. Bot clicks on Menu

9. Bot clicks on Export Sheet to PDF

10. PDF Setting Opens

11. Bot changes PDF Setting to Resolution – 300dpi & Aspect Ratio Option – Fit to Page

12. Bot clicks on Export

13. Bot clicks on hyperlink in the PDF Setting box – Click here to download your PDF file

14. The PDF file with system-generated name gets saved in local system

15. Rename the file to Employee Name - EDP - DDMMYYYY in the respective folder  

Here are some screenshots from the HR Analytics Hub:

Talent Scorecard of Employee - hr automation
Talent Scorecard of Employee

PDF Setting Opens after Bot clicks on Menu & then clicks on Export Sheet to PDF.

PDF setting-hr_automation

The PDF file with system-generated name gets saved in the local system after Bot changes PDF's Resolution & Aspect Ratio Option Setting & clicks on Export.

PDF modification -hr_automation

With an unattended robot that automated the process end-to-end, the automation's increased accuracy eliminated the time spent on this process entirely, along with the time previously necessary for reviewing and correcting errors.

The bot could read and input data from source CSV onto the portal, export files, rename them, and place them seamlessly within relevant folders.

As a result, the process has improved hugely, with a process previously consuming many man-hours of FTEs, now executed with minimal to no human touch. The RPA solution proved to be easily extensible during higher volume hiring times. By monitoring the automated process, the company improved data input, resource allocation, and error handling.

"With the success we’ve seen with automation so far, I can see that there are a myriad of HR processes that can be a good fit for RPA. The real ROI here is the chance for our team to work on more meaningful tasks, drive talent development while creating better experiences for everyone.”

- Chief Human Resources Officer



After achieving resounding financial and operational success with this pilot RPA initiative, the client has identified a series of processes to automate under the umbrella of Talent Acquisition. These processes are pertaining to offer letter generation, scheduling, background checks, as well as sourcing and screening.

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Maruti techlabs Development Process

How We Work? 

The first step is to analyse the process that requires automation and select the right tools for its implementation. The aim is to determine the process lifetime, usage criteria, cost benefit and overall feasibility of the project.

Requirement Analysis

Based on the analysis, a PoC is developed to determine the financial model, estimated ROI, bot design process, along with the documentation and data required to create the automated flow. At this stage, the company or project head ultimately decides whether or not to authorize this case for deployment.

UI Design

This is where the real application of design & development comes together. After identifying the procedure of implementation, the risks as well as costs involved, the bot is created to automate time-consuming, repetitive processes after a series of reruns and rigorous testing.


It is now time to release the bot into the larger business system to work with employees. Interactions are monitored from hereon and based on the feedback received, the maintenance process follows. Automation reports keep you informed, each time automation is done. 


Our firm technological foundation enables us to heighten the worth of robotic automation by building smarter bots with higher cognitive capabilities. Automate your business workflows, data extraction, & operational tasks to gain an upper hand over your competition.

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