Business Needs

  • The customer was a UK based CTRM vendor (Central Telephone Reservations Management) dedicated to the hospitality industry, handling more than 800,000 reservations & delivers service to the finest restaurants in the UK.
  • The existing business model was entirely people-centric as it required a lot of highly skilled manpower. This proved to be a bottleneck in scaling the business operations especially during peak hours and holidays with high call volume which could not be addressed.

Solution and Benefits

  • Maruti Techlabs proposed an AI-based chatbot solution which would assist users in the following
  1. Checking Availability
  2. Make a Reservation
  3. Modify a Reservation
  4. Cancel Reservation
  5. Confirm a Reservation
  • The bot solution was integrated with multiple booking engines so that it could make reservations for all restaurants using different booking engines.
  • Number of bookings after implementing bot had risen by 45% in the first quarter.

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