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RPA Streamlines Accounts Payable Process with 75% Efficiency & $75,000 in Annual Savings



Maruti Techlabs’ client is a premier CX management company providing end-to-end Customer Lifecycle Management services along with Business Process Services such as HRO, FAO, Analytics, and Business Process Audit services across verticals such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom & Media, Manufacturing, Retail, and Government. 

The client serves over 100 marquee clients, with a 25000+ strong workforce from 30+ delivery locations.


Efficiency in Accounts Payable is paramount to minimizing errors around invoicing and reducing operational expenses. The client’s AP team receives thousands of invoices every month from different suppliers and vendors, with each invoice having a unique format of its own. 

A team of 7 FTEs was fully involved in manually processing all 4000+ invoices monthly. Each employee would spend close to 3 minutes going through each invoice in a PDF format and extracting the following data - 

○ Supplier/Vendor Name
○ Invoice Date
○ Due Date
○ GST Number
○ TAX Number
Invoice Amount
Billing Address

The job of extracting data from each invoice individually and entering it into an invoice processing application like Quickbooks is repetitive. The formats' uniqueness makes the template-based automation or “if-then-else” approach not only tricky but expensive to program. Introducing AI solutions would not prove to be cost-effective either.

Let automation take care of your repetitive back-office tasks. Boost productivity & accuracy with RPA. 

"The highly successful RPA pilot showed us that there’s much opportunity to rethink and assess end to end processes, which we can automate and streamline, for better business outcomes.”

- Chief Finance Officer  



✅ The company achieved its goals of automating accounts payable in less than eight weeks and increased the operation's efficiency by 75%.

✅ While 5 out of 7 employees were assigned to higher-value jobs, errors were eliminated, thereby contributing more value to the company.

✅ One unattended bot by UiPath executes the task, which needed a team of 7 people earlier.

✅ Invoice detail extraction, updating, and processing was completed in 6.25 days, which used to take 25 days. 

✅ Highly scalable with efficient invoice processing and reduced payment cycle duration.

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Our Development Process

We follow Agile, Lean, & DevOps best practices to create a superior prototype that brings your users’ ideas to fruition through collaboration & rapid execution. Our top priority is quick reaction time & accessibility. 

We really want to be your extended team, so apart from the regular meetings, you can be sure that each of our team members is one phone call, email, or message away.

Maruti techlabs Development Process

How We Work? 

The first step is to analyse the process that requires automation and select the right tools for its implementation. The aim is to determine the process lifetime, usage criteria, cost benefit and overall feasibility of the project.

UI Design

Based on the analysis, a PoC is developed to determine the financial model, estimated ROI, bot design process, along with the documentation and data required to create the automated flow. At this stage, the company or project head ultimately decides whether or not to authorize this case for deployment. 


This is where the real application of design & development comes together. After identifying the procedure of implementation, the risks as well as costs involved, the bot is created to automate time-consuming, repetitive processes after a series of reruns and rigorous testing. 


It is now time to release the bot into the larger business system to work with employees. Interactions are monitored from hereon & based on the feedback received, the maintenance process follows. Automation reports keep you informed, each time automation is done. 


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Maruti Techlabs’ automation experts ideated an RPA solution to automate the entire invoice validation process to address this challenge. Right from scanning and extracting invoice data, populating a master CSV, updating invoice details in Quickbooks, processing payments, and finally updating the master sheet with a success/failure message. 

The solution was implemented in 7 weeks. 

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