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Gynaecology Wellness Accelerates Appointment Booking by 80% Using Chatbot


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Our client, Gynaecology Wellness, is an established gynecology practice based out of London. They are led by a team of senior gynecologists from one of the largest government healthcare institutions in the UK. With their years of experience and expertise in various fields of gynecology, they have treated and provided care to thousands of women across the UK. 

Disclaimer - The name Gynaecology Wellness is a placeholder as there is an NDA signed between both parties.


One of the significant issues faced by our client was the management of administrative operations.

○ Due to the limited workforce, operations like booking and scheduling appointments, answering FAQs, etc., were not streamlined. The turnaround time for each of these patient queries was stretched out, resulting in poor patient management.
○ It was also challenging to cater to queries outside of operational hours, with a limited workforce. Maintaining a 24x7 support service was nearly impossible.

○ High workload also led to stress and burnout of administrative staff.
○ Managing paperwork and documentation also led to increasing operational costs.
○ All of these issues contributed to overall poor workflow efficiency, and the end-user experience suffered.


Chatbot Platform: The client's preference was to build the bot on a platform that would be easily customizable and allow non-tech folks on their side to manage and update from time to time. Given that WotNot ticked all the boxes with its no-code chatbot builder, we proceeded to lock it down as the preferred platform.

To improve workflow and operational efficiency for our client, Maruti Techlabs designed channel-specific chatbots. 

The chatbot automated the following functionalities - 

○ Selling Health PackagesVia the chatbot, the customer can directly get all the information about various health packages. The chatbot gives essential information on what each health package includes, which specific age group it is for, the services involved, pricing, and more. 

The chatbot gives all of the information in a conversational manner, which makes the bot more personalized and engaging. The customer can directly choose a package as per their preference and proceed to book an appointment accordingly.

○ Booking Appointment - The chatbot automated the appointment booking process entirely. Instead of several human resources being involved in answering questions and manually checking for the availability of doctors, the chatbot streamlined all of these activities involved in appointment booking.
For this, the chatbot was integrated with the Google Calendar of each doctor. The chatbot first asks a few questions to gauge the symptoms the patient is experiencing. Based on the answers, the chatbot pulls out a list of available and relevant doctors.

The patient can then select an available time slot and book the appointment. This is then reflected in the client’s system as well as the doctor's calendar. The WhatsApp chatbot also sends notifications to remind the patient about the appointment to minimize the cases of no-shows. Using the bot, the users can also reschedule or cancel their appointment.

○ Answer FAQs - Whether these are questions about the services provided by our client or about the timings, the chatbot answers it all 24x7. As the chatbot works even outside of operational hours, no leads are missed, and every query is addressed. 

Focus on providing top-notch care. Offload your burden by letting a bot take care of overflowing administrative tasks. 




✅ Turn-around time of appointment booking reduced by 80% (from 5 minutes to under a minute).
Due to automated appointment reminders, the no-show of patients reduced by ~40%.

The sale of health packages increased by 65% within the first three months of implementing the chatbot.

 33% growth in unique users in the first three months of implementation of chatbot.

 The chatbot helped employees to be shifted to other departments that needed more human involvement & direct interaction with the patient.

The number of queries answered increased by 85%.

The chatbot brought in two additional channels of communication and bookings.

 Reduced need for documentation.

 Round-the-clock availability of information.

 Enhanced brand image and patient trust.

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Our Development Process

We follow Agile, Lean, & DevOps best practices to create a superior prototype that brings your users’ ideas to fruition through collaboration & rapid execution. Our top priority is quick reaction time & accessibility. 

We really want to be your extended team, so apart from the regular meetings, you can be sure that each of our team members is one phone call, email, or message away.

Maruti techlabs Development Process

How We Work? 

Conversation Flow Design
At this stage, our conversational experience designers step in to channel the voice of the business. They work in tandem with the development team to create a procedural flow of dialogue that determines tasks, bot personality, tone, and context of the conversation.


Chatbots are constantly evolving and learning. Much like humans, they can effectively self-learn under supervision through quality training data in order to fix errors, excel at personalized communication, discern user sentiment, and follow business processes with ease.  


System Integration 
After the conversation flow is formalized, our team enables seamless integration with other enterprise software (CRM, HRM, Payment Processors, Analytics tools, etc.), company knowledge bases, backend system, and target chatbot platforms in order to automate workflows and optimize bot functionality.  


In this phase, we rerun conversational flows, integrations, & business scenarios through various test cases to achieve desired bot performance & bug-free implementation. Finally, user testing as well as application testing is done, to cap the development process. 


This is the release phase everyone is waiting for. The intelligent bot is deployed on the company’s preferred platforms and is ready to interact with users in the execution environment. 


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Monitor & Optimize
Once published, the bot performance is monitored by analyzing conversation logs and usage insights to fix breakage points and reduce abandoned conversations. Analytics also help measure the bot’s ROI and run A/B tests to further optimize the use case, conversation flow and customer experience.  


Evaluate Use Cases 
Our team analyzes the applicable use case, business objectives, target users, competition, and prospective market segment, to determine the implementation framework.  

UI Design

1. WhatsApp - We decided to deploy a chatbot on WhatsApp as it is widely used and makes for a more personalized experience for the consumer. Using WhatsApp, our client could connect easily with the users and send targeted notifications for reports, reminders, and appointments. 

2. Facebook Messenger - Our client was already getting queries on their Facebook page, but the conversations were not streamlined, leading to mismanagement and loss of leads. A chatbot on Facebook Messenger helped automate and optimize the process of booking an appointment with a specific doctor, along with answering FAQs. 

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