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With deep domain expertise in machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, NLP, and computer vision, we build AI-powered products tailored to fulfill your business vision. From concept to delivery.

Find out why every CXO we work with calls us "communicative, process-driven, and reliable".

AI Readiness Audit

Finding the right AI partner on Design Rush is no easy task.

Building an AI product that delivers on value, is even more challenging.

We help you get started with a slightly different approach. Before we get into the trenches and kickstart development, we take a top-down approach with an AI Readiness Audit.

This involves really validating the idea, through qualitative and quantitative analysis of your datasets, identifying the best fit approach to model development, and putting together an implementation roadmap.

All this before writing a single line of code, and investing heavily into the idea.

Achieve more with less. 

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We're only as good as our team. That's why we believe in hiring, training, and retaining the best talent. 

Choosing Maruti Techlabs means that you will collaborate with self-organizing cross-functional teams.

 We adapt to changing business circumstances quickly. When you need to scale your team, we've got you covered.

Work with teams that CXOs commend as "communicative, process-driven, and reliable".


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Maruti Techlabs is an agile-powered digital product development company and your guide on the digital transformation journey. We are a team of passionate, purpose-led individuals that obsess over creating innovative solutions to address our clients’ challenges and deliver unparalleled value.


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We deploy the following team to carry out the AI Readiness Audit, followed by development -

AI Architect - manage development across the business units, DataOps, MLOps, and engineering.

ML Engineers - build, deploy, and scale the model for production readiness.

Data Scientists - data integration, modeling, and optimization

QA  - tests the model and ensures that performance/quality standards are maintained.

"I talked to around 8 companies before I chose Maruti Techlabs. The companies were very similar in terms of how they said they'd work on the project. What distinguished Maruti Techlabs was their experience in working on ML models. They had worked on projects most similar to what I was looking for."

Our Process

AI Readiness Audit
Before we initiate, we execute an AI Readiness Audit to help you assess the potential and current maturity of AI in your organization. We identify the most promising use cases and outline the project scope, roadmap, and goals.

Requirement Analysis

The Match
After understanding your business model, operations & challenges, we suggest solutions that guarantee incremental wins & pave the way for org-wide AI adoption. Our team looks at your goals, needs, & data (qualitative and quantitative) to discover the best algorithm(s) for you.The end result is a well-defined development blueprint with timeline and cost estimates.

Quality Assurance

Data Analysis
In this step, the data scientists conduct AI research – exploratory data analysis (EDA) - to uncover patterns, discern anomalies, & validate hypotheses. We have a broader view of what the data represents & how our clients can use it to maximize their profits with the results.


Testing & Deployment
We put your project through the wringer, testing various models to see which one is the most accurate. Once the AI system is operational, it is incrementally deployed. During this phase, we monitor relevant data points to track the performance and ROI of the AI program. The model is refined over time based on regular data monitoring.


The audit & the workshop go hand-in-hand. The workshop helps you determine technical feasibility as well as validate the product concept.

Quality Assurance

Client Segment

Startups / SME

Build from scratch, improve what you have, or do something else entirely - we’ve got you covered.

Build Something New
Map out your idea, figure out what to build, and collaborate to bring MVP to life or a solid 1.0.

Improve What You Have
Build a new version of your existing app or add new features, with us integrating with your team.

Discover What You Need
Not sure where to start? We also offer code and architecture reviews, strategic planning, team training, and more.


We deploy premier skills to help you build, innovate and accelerate your business.

Seamless Integration
We integrate with your in-house teams by delivering our experience & technical know-how to your projects.

Leadership & Management
Project Managers and Architects with full experience in managing remote teams, and complex projects.

Transparency & Agile
We maintain full transparency, and work hand in hand to achieve the optimum results together. We leverage tools like Trello, Skype, JIRA & Slack for better project visibility.  

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Our NLP experts help you build intelligent systems that take relevant actions by aptly interpreting human language and behavior.

Computer Vision

Build CV models that see, perceive, analyze, spot trends and make decisions as humans do.

Cognitive Customer Analytics

Understand your customers better. Comprehensive customer analytics empower you to make better business decisions based on data. 

AI-Assisted Decision Making

Augment AI with business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools that help you make well-rounded and accurate decisions.

Digital Virtual Assistants

Create AI-powered virtual assistants capable of understanding human language, gauging context, & providing personalized customer experiences.

Predictive Analytics

Analyze what has happened in the past, to predict what might happen in the future - without the crystal ball.

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Our AI Services

Our all-encompassing AI product development services combine strategy, consulting, technology, & operations to create lasting value for your business.

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